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You’ve heard it before probably more than you really want. On the web, Content is King. But do you really you need to Automotive Industry Mailing Lists? Do you have a content afford your site or are you just serving up the same old stuff you’ve been serving for years with payday advance addition of a few news releases? And when you are about to launch a site, have you really considered really considered what can fill the white space? What is website content? First let’s in a definition. Your website content is more just text although text is most likely the single most important element on your site.

“Website content” also is the illustrations, demos, images when pertain to your product or service, videos, podcasts, downloadable PDFs, and other things your visitors might you should search for on your site. All too often, B2B marketers agonize over what a website looks like without giving much thought to is actually being communicated. With this article, I hope in order to you from making this same mistake. Planning for the appropriate website content. The 1st step for planning and developing your website content is you got it right your visitors.

Ask yourself these questions Who are the those people who are or will be going to our site? Why are they there? What are they looking for? What questions do they have? Using what format will they in order to access the info? What exactly is best answer their questions and address their info needs? Keep in mind that you’re almost sure to have different types of visitors with different questions and preferred answers. You have got prospects, existing customers, bloggers and journalists, industry analysts, investors, prospective employees yet others that don’t come in your thoughts off the top of my head.

And in a complex business technology selling situation you’ll likely have a number of different types of prospects executives, economic buyers, IT professionals, and users. Ask and answer these questions for each group. Audit your current content. Next, take a look in the content you already carry. This includes any existing website context as well as collateral, presentations, demos, newsletters, articles, speeches, past webinars, training materials, testimonials, forums, whatever. Review each to find out which can be used as is, what needs turn out to be modified and what ought to be created.